Our Story

Everything started with mosquitoes

When my daughter was growing up, mosquitoes did not leave us alone in our house surrounded by trees in Tekirdağ where we went every summer. While I was trying to give the most natural and pure products to my daughter, as a healthcare professional, I was aware of how harmful the chemicals in fly-repellents used around could be to the tiny bodies.

The positive feedback I received from the people around me on the natural blends I initially prepared in my pharmacy to protect my family from flies encouraged me to believe that more could be done as a mother and a healthcare provider.

Why shouldn’t there be blends made of totally natural products for pregnant women, nursing mothers and babies? Why shouldn’t mothers have products that they can safely use on the babies whom they love more than anything? The answer to these questions was hidden in the Nature&Nurture brand.

Pharmacists must pass a very intensive training on plants, plant systems  and their effects by profession. This knowledge and experience were integrated with the secrets of natural products and essential oils: Nature&Nurture was born for the baby and the attentive mother.

The most natural and pure compounds have been carefully selected and used in all Nature&Nurture products. Recycling has been emphasized with simple and modest package designs.

Born with the mission of not using any substance in our products that we would not use on ourselves and on our children, the Nature&Nurture brand continues to be enriched by products that people of all ages can safely use.

Sevil Altınel